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One-on-One With the Commish

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


With just three wildly successful events under its belt, Lions Pride Sports has emerged as the hottest brand of professional wrestling in the state of Texas with fans coming from far and wide to experience it and and wrestlers from all over the country lobbying to join an already exceptional roster. Lions Pride Sports correspondent Colby Primeaux sat down with Commissioner Aaron Presley to discuss Lions Pride’s early successes and future goals, plus a very frank discussion on some of the most popular - and hated - superstars on the Lions Pride roster.


Primeaux: Let’s talk about the how this whole thing came to be. Why was College Station and its surrounding areas chosen as the territory for Lions Pride Sports?


Pressley: I used to run 360 Pro Wrestling nearby and when Houston Carson came to me and wanted to start his company, with this being his hometown, this was the perfect area. It’s an untapped region with a Division I university right in the middle of it, full of college kids just waiting to fall in love with us.


As its Commissioner, what type of atmosphere have you hoped to bring to Lions Pride?


I want to make this the hottest promotion around and how can I go wrong with this roster? I am going to be right in the middle of the action, making it all happen. This company will set this area on fire and blow the roof off every single venue we run in.


To what do you attribute the enormous success that Lions Pride has experienced thus far?


I attribute it to our incredible roster and the tireless efforts and hard work of Houston Carson.


I’m going to name just a few of the stars of Lions Pride Sports and you give me your thoughts.


Danny “Juicy” Ramons


He gives you more bang for your entertainment buck. By the end of every match, he has you hooked. Very enjoyable to watch.


Swole Patrol, Johnny Swole and Mike Foxx


They have muscles in places most people don’t even have places.


Vordell Walker


He possesses limitless ability. He makes you believe. An incredibly physical wrestler.


Chocolate City, Big Daddy Yum Yum and “The Real Deal” Nobe Bryant


The hottest tag team going today.


Brysin Scott


He is an example of the success you can have when you take this business seriously.


“SuperTex” Brent McKenzie


The most talented big man in wrestling.


Chase Paradise


As commissioner, he is an infected thorn in my side. Someone you love to hate.


Lance Hoyt


The man. Period.


“One Man” Mike Dell


The 12th Man of Aggie Land. Capable of stealing the show on any night at any time. To borrow an expression, a showstopper.


What’s next for Lions Pride Sports?


The world.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell the fans of Lions Pride Sports?


If you’re missing this, you’re missing out. If you call yourself a wrestling fan, you’re going to want to be here to see the very best. We invite everyone to join the Pride.