Dell Makes History Again, Exacts Revenge

There’s a new 360 Champion in Lions Pride Sports, and it’s a historic reign.

At the Aggieland Rumble event in Bryan, MIKE DELL became the first man to have held both the Lions Pride Sports Championship and the 360 Title when he defeated WILL ALLDAY in the night’s main event, no disqualification, falls count anywhere match-up. The win comes just weeks removed from Allday costing Dell his chance at winning back the Lions Pride Sports Title at our Into the Fire event in College Station in June.

Dell earned his way into the match by winning the night’s 30-man rumble-style match from the twentieth position. CADE CARSON put in an epic performance, lasting from the opening bell all the way through 29 other entrants before being eliminated. THE MOUNTAIN from The Dark Circus dominated early and looked unstoppable until rookie THOMAS CARTER and his manager MR. OSO were able to lift the massive man up and out. But it was Dell who may have taken the rumble’s most punishment, with chair shots and other brutality delivered by MAX CASTELLANOS, who like Allday, is a member of The Brand. It came down to Max and Mike, but a Castellanos chair swing missed Dell, bounced off the ropes and into his own face, allowing an opening for Dell to take advantage and win the first ever Aggieland Rumble match.

The chaos continued at the start of the main event, as Dell was attacked by Allday right as Dell entered the arena. Both men unleashed violent offense on each other, with a worn down Dell taking the majority of it, but the 20-year veteran worked his way back and out of Brand interference. A third time locking in a choke hold in the center of the ring proved to be enough, as Allday tapped and relinquished the 360 Title to Dell after a 107-day reign. Just months removed from a devastating knee injury at the hands of The Brand, and just weeks removed from being cost a different title, Dell is golden in The Pride again.

Houston Carson