The Brand Retains, Regains Gold

By hook and by crook, The Brand not only held on to the Lions Pride Sports Championship in Downtown Bryan, but also gained the 360 Title.

At The Battle in Bryan, as expected, Lions Pride Sports Champion MOONSHINE MANTELL and challenger NATE JOLLY produced an epic, hard-hitting clash. Before the match, the referee ejected The Brand’s WILL ALLDAY and MAX CASTELLANOS from ringside, much to the dismay of Brand Creative Producer CHASE PARADISE. Mantell and Jolly battered and bruised each other in front of the packed Lions Den. Eventually, Allday and Castellanos would return, forcing the referee to reissue his ejection order. Paradise took advantage of the distraction, sliding the title to Mantell, who buried it into Jolly’s skull and picked up the 1-2-3.

Allday had lost the night’s opening contest to the rookie CADE CARSON, but he and Paradise promised to return. Sure enough, they showed themselves following 360 Champion BRENT MCKENZIE’S handicap match win over STEWY THE CANNIBAL CLOWN and THE RINGMASTER. The Dark Circus had damaged McKenzie’s knee, one which kept him out for months due to injury.

Paradise petitioned Lions Pride Sports Owner HOUSTON CARSON, who noted Allday hadn’t gotten his 360 Title rematch. Ultimately, he left the decision to McKenzie, who displayed a fighting champion’s spirit in taking the match. Unfortunately, Allday continued what the Dark Circus had started, further damaging McKenzie’s knee. With weapons legal in the no DQ, falls count anywhere 360 format, steel chairs were used by both men. In the end, Allday took the W following a brutal chair shot and a flurry of kicks, and became the first two-time 360 Champion in The Pride.

Paradise may have lost the general manager post at the March 2 South Texas Showdown in San Antonio thanks to McKenzie’s defeat of Mantell, but Chase left Bryan having helped end “Super Tex’s” 360 reign. With both titles in The Brand’s possession again, what is in store for The Pride when we head to Dripping Springs?

Houston Carson