Paradise Lost

Chase Paradise’s reign as Lions Pride Sports general manager is over, and Aaron Presley has been returned to the role after a grueling no disqualification match between the company’s champions.

It was the first Lions Pride Sports Champion, Mike Dell, who made a shocking return in San Antonio to assist Presley’s representative, Brent McKenzie, in defeating Paradise’s proxy, Moonshine Mantell.

Back in February, Paradise defeated Presley in a street fight to take the GM spot, but due to interference by Paradise’s crew, The Brand, Owner Houston Carson gave Presley a chance to earn his gig back at South Texas Showdown. Each man picked a wrestler to compete on their behalf. Paradise chose Lions Pride Sports Champion Mantell. Presley picked recent Brand defector and 360 Champion Brent McKenzie.

As expected, the contest was hard hitting, especially with the no DQ stipulation allowing the competitors to unleash their power offenses all over Made for Moore Fitness. As expected Presley and Paradise got involved physically. And as expected, Paradise’s villainous pack used the stip to their advantage to interject themselves in the match. But a Lance Hoyt-led contingent of competitors wronged by The Brand came to the rescue, running off Will Allday and Max Castellanos. Then, just weeks removed from ACL surgery, Dell came through the crowd with a chair to deliver blows to Mantell, the man who took the title from Dell and contributed to the knee injury that has “One Man” on the shelf. Back in the ring, “Super Tex” hit the all-too-fitting End of the Line to Moonshine, getting the pin fall and getting Presley his job back.

Houston Carson