Paradise in Permanent Power, or Presley's Revenge?

A new era in Lions Pride Sports begins in The Alamo City, but will that era proceed permanently or end early when the final bell sounds at South Texas Showdown?

Chase Paradise is now our general manager after defeating Aaron Presley in a brutal street fight at the Full Throttle event in Killeen. Not only does Paradise lead the vile group known as The Brand, he now holds a unique level of power in The Pride.

Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson admitted the morning after Full Throttle that his decision to book Presley vs. Paradise was unwise. Plus, The Brand disobeyed Carson’s direct order to stay away from ringside. In San Antonio, the GM position will once again be on the line, and once again, Paradise and Presley will do battle. But this time, they’ll have wrestlers representing them in the ring. Lions Pride Sports Champion Moonshine Mantell will fight on behalf of The Brand’s leader. If Mantell wins, Carson says Paradise will be GM “forever,” and we may never see Presley in The Pride again. The new 360 Champion — and recent defector from The Brand — Brent McKenzie will compete for Presley. If “Super Tex” earns the victory, Presley gets his GM job back. Control of The Pride is on the line in the biggest match in our history.

Houston Carson