Paradise Sends Presley Packing

The Brand lost its founding member and one of its championships in Killeen, but they gained control of Lions Pride Sports in the company’s wildest event yet.

Fans in the sold-out Boys & Girls Clubs’ Woody Hall witnessed Chase Paradise, the creative producer of the despicable group, defeat General Manager Aaron Presley in a jaw-dropping street fight. Presley and Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson aimed to shut Paradise up for good. To entice the weaselly loud-mouth into action, the general manager position was put up for grabs at the Full Throttle event.

Despite an early ejection of Brand members from ringside by Carson, Lions Pride Sports Champion Moonshine Mantell, Will Allday and Max Castellanos would once again disobey rules and orders. Presley unloaded an arsenal of offense on all of them, though, including dropping an elbow on Castellanos from a 12-foot ladder. In a match that included chairs and kendo sticks, Presley used all to his benefit. Sadly, Paradise and company used them as well. Now-former Brand member Brent McKenzie coming to Presley’s aid wasn’t enough for Presley to overcome the numbers game. Presley was finally put out when he was sent through a table in the center of the ring. Paradise is now Lions Pride Sports General Manager. What in the world is in store for the company now?

McKenzie will surely have hell to pay for his actions. At the start of the night, “Super Tex” made his return to The Pride from a knee injury he suffered in the fall. From the sidelines, the Bell County-born powerhouse had witnessed Paradise reshape The Brand, bringing in new members and using even more devious tactics to win. McKenzie clearly saw that Paradise had never fully invested in the founding member of the group, and in front of a supportive crowd, he ditched Chase and company. In what would be his final act as GM, Presley inserted McKenzie into the 360 Championship match later that evening.

The Brand’s Will Allday would not only have to contend with Nate Jolly in defense of the 360 gold, he now had a returning, rebuilt, reenergized McKenzie. As with all of those title matches, falls counted anywhere, and there were no disqualifications. Each man fought their way to near falls in the hard-hitting three-way dance, but the 360-pounder hit a sit-out driver to Jolly and an End of the Line to Allday. “Super Tex” starts the next chapter of his career in The Pride with the 360 Title.

The biggest prize in the company still belongs to The Brand, though. Moonshine Mantell was able to retain the Lions Pride Sports Championship despite a next-level outing from Chocolate City’s Nobe Bryant. “The Real Deal” delivered a performance worthy of the title shot he’s earned from Day One of the company. But the powerhouse Mantell kept gold in The Brand’s grasp.

They still hold the biggest prize in Lions Pride Sports. They now hold the general manager’s position. What’s next for the hottest promotion in Texas with The Brand having all this control?

Houston Carson