Bryant, Dell Retain Their Titles in Brenham

Lions Pride Sports caused quite the Uproar in its first trip to Washington County.

  • In his first defense of the Lions Pride Sports Championship, NOBE BRYANT survived the challenge of a former member of The Brand, WILL ALLDAY, and one of the nefarious group’s newest acquisitions, JORDAN LENNOX. The match delivered amazing athleticism as expected, but it was Bryant powering through both competitors and expected interference by The Brand’s creative producer, CHASE PARADISE, to hit a scissor kick on Lennox and score the pin fall. After the match, Allday offered a handshake to Bryant, who accepted, yet another sign that Allday’s days in the disrespectful Brand are in the rear view mirror.

  • It wasn’t all bad news for The Brand in Brenham, as 360 Champion MIKE DELL retained his title over NATE JOLLY. In this case, Brand interference from both Paradise and Lennox paid off. First, Dell intentionally struck the match official. In 360 Title matches, there are no disqualifications, so the match continued. When Jolly had what appeared to be a win, a second official was pulled from the ring and struck by Lennox. Jolly, a former 360 champ himself, was overwhelmed by the numbers, and Dell dropped his patented Dellbow from the top rope for the win. After the match, Bryant returned to the ring to chase off The Brand, and his challenge to Dell to return for a fight was met with Brand retreat.

  • Two of the star products of The Lions Den Training Facility went head-to-head once again, with THOMAS “MATHAYUS” CARTER picking up another win over CADE CARSON in a two-out-of-three falls match. The bout started in shocking fashion, as Carson sprinted through the raucous Brenham crowd to assault Carter from behind and score the first fall. Carter recovered with a massive spear to pick up a tying fall out of nowhere. Cade’s mouthing off to his cousin and former trainer HOUSTON CARSON in the weeks leading up to the show turned out to be Cade’s downfall, as Houston picked up a microphone, teased telling Cade something, but stopped short. Cade turned around and felt another spear. Carter earned the three count and the win.

  • In other action, THE DARK CIRCUS was disqualified in their handicap match with the A-K CONNECTION when STEWY THE CANNIBAL CLOWN hit the ring with a bat. KEMONTE ROSS was eventually handcuffed to a bleacher, and AZRAEL was tied up in the ring as THE RINGMASTER and THE MOUNTAIN attacked. In a stunning moment, Azrael was placed in a body bag and his luchador’s mask was removed. The Circus carried the young competitor away.

  • ALEX GRACIA’S birthday celebration in the ring was interrupted by ALEJANDRA THE LION, who was upset she wasn’t getting a party a day after her own birthday. Alejandra attacked Gracia, leading to the first singles meeting between the two in The Pride. Alejandra tried to hit Gracia with a wrapped gift, but Alex got the box, stuffed the Lion’s head inside and hit a kick, leading to the win.

Houston Carson