And New...And Still...And in Control?

The Brand, the nefarious network of wrestlers led by Creative Producer Chase Paradise, has never been more powerful in Lions Pride Sports after The Clash at Caldwell 2.

A sold out, standing room-only Caldwell Civic Center crowd saw Moonshine Mantell retain the Lions Pride Sports Championship with a lot of help from his fellow Brand members at ringside. Despite a super-human effort by Lance Hoyt and the restarting of the main event after a controversial DQ was overruled by owner Houston Carson, Paradise and company found their way out of Burleson County on top. The last straw: a title belt shot from Mantell to Hoyt’s head that went unseen by the referee thanks to Paradise.

The Brand also captured a second title on the night when Will Allday made it through a six-man gauntlet match to open the show. With the Lions Pride Sports 360 Championship on the line in the no DQ, falls count anywhere affair, Allday entered fourth. He defeated a weakened Nobe Bryant, topped the high-flying Estrella Galactica, and got through the now-former champion Nate Jolly with the help of his fellow Brand mates. Each pinfall would have been disallowed in a regular match, but taking advantage of the rules and with his buddies in tow, Allday holds 360 gold. Jolly’s inspiring reign ended despite his best efforts.

The Brand’s arrogance and utter disregard for authority and rules were on display throughout the night. Angel Blue attacked Alejandra the Lion before their match, forcing the referee to rule a no contest as Alejandra was taken to the trainer’s room. Paradise was so confident The Brand’s Max Castellanos could defeat Houston Carson’s cousin, Cade Carson, that he put Castellanos’s Pride career on the line. With Chase’s help, Max defeated one of the top trainees of The Lions Den facility in Bryan.

Two weeks out from Full Throttle in Killeen, Lions Pride Sports is in a chaotic churn because of The Brand’s shenanigans. A drastic shift is needed to right the ship. Will that come when the final bell sounds in Bell County on February 2?

Houston Carson