Get in the best shape of your life! Any age, any weight. Former professional wrestler Houston Carson and his team will help you reach your goals. 


Home Workout Programs


We can help you shred all of those unwanted pounds while NEVER leaving the house. Enjoy the comfort of your own home while you follow our step by step program that leads you through full body workouts using equipment like medicine balls and resistance bands.

Customized Workout Routines

$99 - $249.00

Don't know what to do when you get to the gym? Don't worry, we can help guide you through it. Follow our step by step programs that tell you in full detail how to fully achieve your goals while at a gym. All body parts plus core and cardio are covered.

Diet Plans


The most important key to getting in shape is eating the correct foods. Proper nutrition is essential to burn fat and gain lean muscle. A good workout can't outwork a bad diet. Increase your results with a custom meal plan made specifically to fit your needs

Cardiovascular Endurance


We aren't just about burning fat and gaining lean muscle. At Lions Pride Fitness, we want to help you get healthier. The first step is a good cardiovascular system. Let us help you lower your blood pressure, control your cholesterol, and breathe easier.

Muscle gain


If body fat isn't a problem for you, but you're ready to get muscled up, then we are the fitness company for you. We can help you get bigger arms, toned legs, wide backs, broad shoulders, and so much more. It's time to get JACKED!

Weight loss


Weight gain is a problem that has taken over the world. Let us help you shred those unwanted pounds and get your confidence back. It's time to wear those clothes you've been wanting to try on and go out to that beach that you've been dreaming about. 


Want to look like the superstars? Then contact Lions Pride Fitness!

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This has changed my life completely. Definitely worth it if your an up and coming wrestler.
Great meal plans and workout plans. I recommend Lions Pride Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or build muscle! Easy, convenient and affordable!
Houston Carson is amazing at what he does!! I went from a size 2X to a 1X in one month!!