by Steve Fullhart
Lions Pride Sports Play-by-Play announcer

You can make the argument the first trip Lions Pride Sports made to Killeen marked the biggest turning point in company history. Will there be another major change in trajectory with the return of The Pride to K-Town?

Saturday, February 2 marks the Full Throttle event. Not only will it bring even more excitement to Woody Hall in Killeen, it will serve as a fundraiser for a worthy group, the Clements Boys & Girls Club. By coming to enjoy all the high-octane action, you help Killeen’s youth.

Brent McKenzie (3B Photography)

Brent McKenzie (3B Photography)

When we made our first visit to Bell County in September, Central Texas’s own Brent McKenzie challenged for the Lions Pride Sports Championship. Since the beginning of The Pride, “Super Tex” has been Chase Paradise’s centerpiece in his villainous faction, The Brand. However, during the main event match against then-champion Mike Dell, Paradise introduced a new player on his threatening team: Moonshine Mantell. It marked the start of a major escalation in The Brand’s efforts to exert control over Lions Pride Sports as they brought a man on board whose stated goal is to take over the pro wrestling scene in Texas.

In December, with their trademark underhanded tactics, Mantell seized the championship by defeating Dell in Bryan. Those tactics did not include McKenzie, though. An injury has sidelined “Super Tex” since the fall, but we’re told he’s ready to return to action, and that he’ll do it at Full Throttle where he feels like he has a homefield advantage. The Brand has changed drastically since McKenzie went on the shelf. Not only was Moonshine added (along with the Lions Pride Sports Championship), but Angel Blue, Max Castellanos and Will Allday have joined the group. With McKenzie’s return, will anyone be able to stop The Brand?

Moonshine is still be the champion as we head to Full Throttle. Mantell and “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt battled for the gold in Caldwell Friday, January 18. With help from his fellow Brand members, Mantell topped Hoyt at The Clash at Caldwell 2. It was a brazen display of the depths The Brand are willing to stoop to in order to hold on to power.

Another display: Will Allday needed his Brand members’ help to take the Lions Pride Sports 360 Championship away from Nate Jolly. In a six-man gauntlet match in Caldwell, Allday entered fourth. His tactics would have earned him admonishments and disqualifications. Unfortunately for his opponents, the match was no DQ and falls count anywhere. Allday took advantage and the title, pinning Jolly to end the affair. Allday was confident (cocky?) enough before he captured the 360 gold. You can only imagine where his ego stands now. Who will try to stop him in Killeen?

Like McKenzie, General Manager Aaron Presley calls Central Texas his home. With The Brand as his continual thorn in his side, Presley has had enough. So has Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson, so much so that he’s putting Presley and Chase Paradise in a match. Whoever wins will be the general manager going forward. Carson is confident his long-time confidant can take Paradise down a peg. Will that confidence backfire and put Chase in control of the promotion?

Bottom line: big things happen when Lions Pride Sports come to K-Town, and more is guaranteed to come. Tides turn, winds change and storms brew. It will be a can’t miss night February 2, one that not only will benefit the Clements Boys & Girls Club, but will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get your tickets now, and don’t miss The Pride’s return to Killeen!