OCTOBER 5, 2019 - Lions Pride Sports caused quite the Uproar in its first trip to Washington County.

  • In his first defense of the Lions Pride Sports Championship, NOBE BRYANT survived the challenge of a former member of The Brand, WILL ALLDAY, and one of the nefarious group’s newest acquisitions, JORDAN LENNOX. The match delivered amazing athleticism as expected, but it was Bryant powering through both competitors and expected interference by The Brand’s creative producer, CHASE PARADISE, to hit a scissor kick on Lennox and score the pin fall. After the match, Allday offered a handshake to Bryant, who accepted, yet another sign that Allday’s days in the disrespectful Brand are in the rear view mirror.

  • It wasn’t all bad news for The Brand in Brenham, as 360 Champion MIKE DELL retained his title over NATE JOLLY. In this case, Brand interference from both Paradise and Lennox paid off. First, Dell intentionally struck the match official. In 360 Title matches, there are no disqualifications, so the match continued. When Jolly had what appeared to be a win, a second official was pulled from the ring and struck by Lennox. Jolly, a former 360 champ himself, was overwhelmed by the numbers, and Dell dropped his patented Dellbow from the top rope for the win. After the match, Bryant returned to the ring to chase off The Brand, and his challenge to Dell to return for a fight was met with Brand retreat.

  • Two of the star products of The Lions Den Training Facility went head-to-head once again, with THOMAS “MATHAYUS” CARTER picking up another win over CADE CARSON in a two-out-of-three falls match. The bout started in shocking fashion, as Carson sprinted through the raucous Brenham crowd to assault Carter from behind and score the first fall. Carter recovered with a massive spear to pick up a tying fall out of nowhere. Cade’s mouthing off to his cousin and former trainer HOUSTON CARSON in the weeks leading up to the show turned out to be Cade’s downfall, as Houston picked up a microphone, teased telling Cade something, but stopped short. Cade turned around and felt another spear. Carter earned the three count and the win.

  • In other action, THE DARK CIRCUS was disqualified in their handicap match with the A-K CONNECTION when STEWY THE CANNIBAL CLOWN hit the ring with a bat. KEMONTE ROSS was eventually handcuffed to a bleacher, and AZRAEL was tied up in the ring as THE RINGMASTER and THE MOUNTAIN attacked. In a stunning moment, Azrael was placed in a body bag and his luchador’s mask was removed. The Circus carried the young competitor away.

  • ALEX GRACIA’S birthday celebration in the ring was interrupted by ALEJANDRA THE LION, who was upset she wasn’t getting a party a day after her own birthday. Alejandra attacked Gracia, leading to the first singles meeting between the two in The Pride. Alejandra tried to hit Gracia with a wrapped gift, but Alex got the box, stuffed the Lion’s head inside and hit a kick, leading to the win.


SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 - NOBE BRYANT rose to the occasion and cut through The Brand’s trickery to claim the Lions Pride Sports Championship.

For a few minutes, a sell-out crowd in Navasota thought Bryant would be an interim champion due to a legitimate eye injury sustained by MOONSHINE MANTELL. A lumberjack match between the two was the scheduled main event. Instead, with the roster surrounding the ring, Mantell gave an impassioned speech seemingly relinquishing the title and vowing to return from injury to reclaim it. But the champ ripped off an eye-patch and launched an assault on Bryant, starting the scheduled match.

As expected, Mantell’s cohorts in The Brand did their best to lessen Bryant’s chances by beating him up at ringside, but the rest of the lumberjacks intervened to keep the action in the ring. After a back-and-forth contest, Bryant unleashed a picture perfect scissor kick to get the 1-2-3.

Bryant is just the fourth man to hold the biggest prize in The Pride. He ends Mantell’s record-setting 259-day reign just two days shy of tying MIKE DELL for most total days as Lions Pride Sports Champion.

Also in Navasota, The Brand regained the Lions Pride Sports 360 Championship, but not because WILL ALLDAY regained the title from Dell. Instead, in an outstanding, evenly-contested match, Dell won his first defense of the title. The Brand’s CHASE PARADISE was banned from ringside, and Allday sent ANGEL BLUE away to go it alone.

Once Dell earned the win, Paradise and Blue berated Allday for his loss. Will eventually lifted Chase on his shoulders ready to bring the creative producer crashing down, but Angel low-blowed Allday and Paradise announced his once-prized Brand member was out. Just as Chase was about to hit Will with a sheet, Dell intervened. Just after raising Allday’s arm in a show of respect, Mike took the sheet and struck Will. The champion then unleashed a verbal assault on the audience for what he perceived as them turning their backs on him and supporting Allday more and more. Once an arch enemy, the 360 champ has seemingly, stunningly found validation and refuge in the ranks of The Brand.

Those ranks grew later in the night following a three-way match to decide the number one contender for that title. NATE JOLLY picked up the win over JORDAN LENNOX and ANTONIO SAN FRANCISCO, but was attacked by Lennox during a post-match interview in the ring. That piqued the interest of Paradise, who was at ringside for commentary and had gushed about Lennox’s performance throughout the match. The creative producer hit the ring and offered the recently-returned Lennox a place in The Brand. After more than a year out due to a shoulder injury, Jordan not only looks stronger than ever, but he now has the strength of the nefarious Brand behind him.

Two of The Lions Den Training Facility’s star students, CADE CARSON and THOMAS CARTER, went toe-to-toe in another outstanding match-up. Carter and his manager, MR. OSO, showed Carson tremendous respect before the match started, telling the Navasota crowd Cade had earned everything in wrestling and had been gifted nothing from his cousin and trainer, HOUSTON CARSON.

Cade showed a growing frustration as the very even contest went on and was forced to tap out to a Carter ankle lock. Houston hit the ring to try and cool the escalating tensions between his two students, but Cade shoved down his family member and mentor before storming backstage, where he went on to berate Houston in an interview. Cade claimed he was done living in what he perceived to be Houston’s shadow.



JULY 21, 2019 - There’s a new 360 Champion in Lions Pride Sports, and it’s a historic reign.

At the Aggieland Rumble event in Bryan, MIKE DELL became the first man to have held both the Lions Pride Sports Championship and the 360 Title when he defeated WILL ALLDAY in the night’s main event, no disqualification, falls count anywhere match-up. The win comes just weeks removed from Allday costing Dell his chance at winning back the Lions Pride Sports Title at our Into the Fire event in College Station in June.

Dell earned his way into the match by winning the night’s 30-man rumble-style match from the twentieth position. CADE CARSON put in an epic performance, lasting from the opening bell all the way through 29 other entrants before being eliminated. THE MOUNTAIN from The Dark Circus dominated early and looked unstoppable until rookie THOMAS CARTER and his manager MR. OSO were able to lift the massive man up and out. But it was Dell who may have taken the rumble’s most punishment, with chair shots and other brutality delivered by MAX CASTELLANOS, who like Allday, is a member of The Brand. It came down to Max and Mike, but a Castellanos chair swing missed Dell, bounced off the ropes and into his own face, allowing an opening for Dell to take advantage and win the first ever Aggieland Rumble match.

The chaos continued at the start of the main event, as Dell was attacked by Allday right as Dell entered the arena. Both men unleashed violent offense on each other, with a worn down Dell taking the majority of it, but the 20-year veteran worked his way back and out of Brand interference. A third time locking in a choke hold in the center of the ring proved to be enough, as Allday tapped and relinquished the 360 Title to Dell after a 107-day reign. Just months removed from a devastating knee injury at the hands of The Brand, and just weeks removed from being cost a different title, Dell is golden in The Pride again.



JULY 7, 2019 - The man who long claimed he was Texas’s king made it official at Lions Pride Sports’ epic one-night event.

BARRETT BROWN was crowned at the inaugural King of Texas Tournament in Caldwell, besting nine other competitors who competed over six grueling matches.

“.50 Caliber” picked up a win in the opening round over up-start rookie CADE CARSON in a rematch from our June event in College Station. Once again, the two men left the contest with more respect for one another, but it was Brown who moved on to the five-way elimination match final.

Joining Brown in the final were:



  • NOBE BRYANT, who defeated RICKY STARKS

  • NATE JOLLY, who defeated CAM COLE and surprise entrant TERRALE TEMPO

Interference and cheating by The Brand’s CHASE PARADISE, Castellanos and a returning ANGEL BLUE propelled Mantell to the final two, leaving him to fight Brown. The Lions Pride Sports Champion looked to be the heavy favorite with The Brand at ringside and the size advantage over Brown, but Brown showed tremendous heart and fight, fighting off all The Brand’s members in the midst of a beat down, and eventually leveling Mantell with a flurry of offense, capped by a running knee. A three count later, and Brown fulfilled what he had prophesied. He is the inaugural King of Texas.


MAY 17, 2019 - MOONSHINE MANTELL walked in to Dripping Springs and faced his biggest championship challenge yet. He left still holding the Lions Pride Sports Title.

With The Brand’s creative producer, CHASE PARADISE, banned from ringside, Mantell went it alone against both the returning two-time Lions Pride Sports Champion MIKE DELL and former 360 Champion NATE JOLLY in a match made at the top of The Chute Out event by General Manager AARON PRESLEY.

Dell was returning after a five-month recovery from ACL surgery and looked better than ever. Jolly suffered a ruptured ear drum the previous month in a title match against Mantell, and came out fired up. Dell and Jolly teamed up at times against Moonshine, but all three men unleashed their trademark offense on each other. In the end, Dell landed his Dellbow drop onto Jolly, only for Mantell to sneak in, remove Dell from the ring and pin Jolly. Without help from The Brand, Moonshine solidified himself as The Pride’s top competitor.

Surprisingly, Presley was also in action, and the GM pulled off a death-defying move. Earlier in the evening, BRENT MCKENZIE answered The Dark Circus’s open challenge. STEWY THE CANNIBAL CLOWN was disqualified when THE RINGMASTER intervened in the match. Presley had apparently had enough of The Circus’s antics, and decided to take matters into his own hands, booking a no DQ tag match involving himself and McKenzie. The task seemed even more daunting, though, because of 500-pounds of THE MOUNTAIN under the mind control of The Ringmaster.

The violent encounter had a truly wild finish. Under orders from The Ringmaster, The Mountain provided a powder. Unfortunately for The Dark Circus, it went into Stewy’s face. The blinded clown goozled Ringmaster, chokeslammed him and made a cover on his own man. Presley fooled Stewy by slapping the mat three times. Still blinded and thinking he was the winner, Stewy celebrated his way into an End of the Line from McKenzie.

The Ringmaster was incapacitated and unable to give The Mountain orders, so the big man simply stood at ringside as a table and massive ladder were set up in the ring. In a throwback his only other match in The Pride, Presley ascended the ladder and crashed down on Stewy as he was sprawed unconscious on the table. A legitimate three count later, and The Dark Circus was silenced in Hays County as the crowd roared.

the brand retains, regains gold

APRIL 5, 2019 - By hook and by crook, The Brand not only held on to the Lions Pride Sports Championship in Downtown Bryan, but also gained the 360 Title.

At The Battle in Bryan, as expected, Lions Pride Sports Champion MOONSHINE MANTELL and challenger NATE JOLLY produced an epic, hard-hitting clash. Before the match, the referee ejected The Brand’s WILL ALLDAY and MAX CASTELLANOS from ringside, much to the dismay of Brand Creative Producer CHASE PARADISE. Mantell and Jolly battered and bruised each other in front of the packed Lions Den. Eventually, Allday and Castellanos would return, forcing the referee to reissue his ejection order. Paradise took advantage of the distraction, sliding the title to Mantell, who buried it into Jolly’s skull and picked up the 1-2-3.

Allday had lost the night’s opening contest to the rookie CADE CARSON, but he and Paradise promised to return. Sure enough, they showed themselves following 360 Champion BRENT MCKENZIE’S handicap match win over STEWY THE CANNIBAL CLOWN and THE RINGMASTER. The Dark Circus had damaged McKenzie’s knee, one which kept him out for months due to injury.

Paradise petitioned Lions Pride Sports Owner HOUSTON CARSON, who noted Allday hadn’t gotten his 360 Title rematch. Ultimately, he left the decision to McKenzie, who displayed a fighting champion’s spirit in taking the match. Unfortunately, Allday continued what the Dark Circus had started, further damaging McKenzie’s knee. With weapons legal in the no DQ, falls count anywhere 360 format, steel chairs were used by both men. In the end, Allday took the W following a brutal chair shot and a flurry of kicks, and became the first two-time 360 Champion in The Pride.

Paradise may have lost the general manager post at the March 2 South Texas Showdown in San Antonio thanks to McKenzie’s defeat of Mantell, but Chase left Bryan having helped end “Super Tex’s” 360 reign. With both titles in The Brand’s possession again, what is in store for The Pride when we head to Dripping Springs?

MARCH 2, 2019 - Brent McKenzie thanks Mike Dell for the helping hand in McKenzie’s match against Moonshine Mantell. With the win, “Super Tex” earned Aaron Presley his general manager job back, unseating Chase Paradise.

MARCH 2, 2019 - Brent McKenzie thanks Mike Dell for the helping hand in McKenzie’s match against Moonshine Mantell. With the win, “Super Tex” earned Aaron Presley his general manager job back, unseating Chase Paradise.


MARCH 2, 2019 - Chase Paradise’s reign as Lions Pride Sports general manager is over, and Aaron Presley has been returned to the role after a grueling no disqualification match between the company’s champions.

It was the first Lions Pride Sports Champion, Mike Dell, who made a shocking return in San Antonio to assist Presley’s representative, Brent McKenzie, in defeating Paradise’s proxy, Moonshine Mantell.

Back in February, Paradise defeated Presley in a street fight to take the GM spot, but due to interference by Paradise’s crew, The Brand, Owner Houston Carson gave Presley a chance to earn his gig back at South Texas Showdown. Each man picked a wrestler to compete on their behalf. Paradise chose Lions Pride Sports Champion Mantell. Presley picked recent Brand defector and 360 Champion Brent McKenzie.

As expected, the contest was hard hitting, especially with the no DQ stipulation allowing the competitors to unleash their power offenses all over Made for Moore Fitness. As expected Presley and Paradise got involved physically. And as expected, Paradise’s villainous pack used the stip to their advantage to interject themselves in the match. But a Lance Hoyt-led contingent of competitors wronged by The Brand came to the rescue, running off Will Allday and Max Castellanos. Then, just weeks removed from ACL surgery, Dell came through the crowd with a chair to deliver blows to Mantell, the man who took the title from Dell and contributed to the knee injury that has “One Man” on the shelf. Back in the ring, “Super Tex” hit the all-too-fitting End of the Line to Moonshine, getting the pin fall and getting Presley his job back.


FEBRUARY 7, 2019 - Former Lions Pride Sports Champion Mike Dell minutes before undergoing surgery to repair his ACL.

FEBRUARY 7, 2019 - Former Lions Pride Sports Champion Mike Dell minutes before undergoing surgery to repair his ACL.

FEBRUARY 7, 2019 - The first person to hold the Lions Pride Sports Championship is on the mend.

“One Man” Mike Dell underwent successful surgery this morning to repair a torn ACL. He will go through physical therapy, and then plans on returning to the ring.

In March 2018 in Rockdale, Texas, Dell became the first winner of the company’s top prize. He’s also the first and only person to hold the title twice, having lost and regained it over the summer in the state’s hottest feud with Lance Hoyt.

The second reign lasted from the end of June until the end of 2018, when Moonshine Mantell captured the championship in Bryan, Texas with help from The Brand. Dell’s battles with Mantell were defined by their hard-hitting, brawling nature. His knees were showing signs of wear and tear from two decades in the ring through those battles.

We wish Dell a speedy, full recovery, and we look forward to seeing him in The Pride again.

paradise in permanent power, or presley’s revenge?


FEBRUARY 3, 2019 - A new era in Lions Pride Sports begins in The Alamo City, but will that era proceed permanently or end early when the final bell sounds at South Texas Showdown?

Chase Paradise is now our general manager after defeating Aaron Presley in a brutal street fight at the Full Throttle event in Killeen. Not only does Paradise lead the vile group known as The Brand, he now holds a unique level of power in The Pride.

Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson admitted the morning after Full Throttle that his decision to book Presley vs. Paradise was unwise. Plus, The Brand disobeyed Carson’s direct order to stay away from ringside. In San Antonio, the GM position will once again be on the line, and once again, Paradise and Presley will do battle. But this time, they’ll have wrestlers representing them in the ring. Lions Pride Sports Champion Moonshine Mantell will fight on behalf of The Brand’s leader. If Mantell wins, Carson says Paradise will be GM “forever,” and we may never see Presley in The Pride again. The new 360 Champion — and recent defector from The Brand — Brent McKenzie will compete for Presley. If “Super Tex” earns the victory, Presley gets his GM job back. Control of The Pride is on the line in the biggest match in our history.

(Sarah Hoban Photography)

(Sarah Hoban Photography)


FEBRUARY 2, 2019 - The Brand lost its founding member and one of its championships in Killeen, but they gained control of Lions Pride Sports in the company’s wildest event yet.

Fans in the sold-out Boys & Girls Clubs’ Woody Hall witnessed Chase Paradise, the creative producer of the despicable group, defeat General Manager Aaron Presley in a jaw-dropping street fight. Presley and Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson aimed to shut Paradise up for good. To entice the weaselly loud-mouth into action, the general manager position was put up for grabs at the Full Throttle event.

Despite an early ejection of Brand members from ringside by Carson, Lions Pride Sports Champion Moonshine Mantell, Will Allday and Max Castellanos would once again disobey rules and orders. Presley unloaded an arsenal of offense on all of them, though, including dropping an elbow on Castellanos from a 12-foot ladder. In a match that included chairs and kendo sticks, Presley used all to his benefit. Sadly, Paradise and company used them as well. Now-former Brand member Brent McKenzie coming to Presley’s aid wasn’t enough for Presley to overcome the numbers game. Presley was finally put out when he was sent through a table in the center of the ring. Paradise is now Lions Pride Sports General Manager. What in the world is in store for the company now?

McKenzie will surely have hell to pay for his actions. At the start of the night, “Super Tex” made his return to The Pride from a knee injury he suffered in the fall. From the sidelines, the Bell County-born powerhouse had witnessed Paradise reshape The Brand, bringing in new members and using even more devious tactics to win. McKenzie clearly saw that Paradise had never fully invested in the founding member of the group, and in front of a supportive crowd, he ditched Chase and company. In what would be his final act as GM, Presley inserted McKenzie into the 360 Championship match later that evening.

The Brand’s Will Allday would not only have to contend with Nate Jolly in defense of the 360 gold, he now had a returning, rebuilt, reenergized McKenzie. As with all of those title matches, falls counted anywhere, and there were no disqualifications. Each man fought their way to near falls in the hard-hitting three-way dance, but the 360-pounder hit a sit-out driver to Jolly and an End of the Line to Allday. “Super Tex” starts the next chapter of his career in The Pride with the 360 Title.

The biggest prize in the company still belongs to The Brand, though. Moonshine Mantell was able to retain the Lions Pride Sports Championship despite a next-level outing from Chocolate City’s Nobe Bryant. “The Real Deal” delivered a performance worthy of the title shot he’s earned from Day One of the company. But the powerhouse Mantell kept gold in The Brand’s grasp.

They still hold the biggest prize in Lions Pride Sports. They now hold the general manager’s position. What’s next for the hottest promotion in Texas with The Brand having all this control?


and still…and new…and in control?

JANUARY 18, 2019 - The Brand, the nefarious network of wrestlers led by Creative Producer Chase Paradise, has never been more powerful in Lions Pride Sports after The Clash at Caldwell 2.

A sold out, standing room-only Caldwell Civic Center crowd saw Moonshine Mantell retain the Lions Pride Sports Championship with a lot of help from his fellow Brand members at ringside. Despite a super-human effort by Lance Hoyt and the restarting of the main event after a controversial DQ was overruled by owner Houston Carson, Paradise and company found their way out of Burleson County on top. The last straw: a title belt shot from Mantell to Hoyt’s head that went unseen by the referee thanks to Paradise.

The Brand also captured a second title on the night when Will Allday made it through a six-man gauntlet match to open the show. With the Lions Pride Sports 360 Championship on the line in the no DQ, falls count anywhere affair, Allday entered fourth. He defeated a weakened Nobe Bryant, topped the high-flying Estrella Galactica, and got through the now-former champion Nate Jolly with the help of his fellow Brand mates. Each pinfall would have been disallowed in a regular match, but taking advantage of the rules and with his buddies in tow, Allday holds 360 gold. Jolly’s inspiring reign ended despite his best efforts.

The Brand’s arrogance and utter disregard for authority and rules were on display throughout the night. Angel Blue attacked Alejandra the Lion before their match, forcing the referee to rule a no contest as Alejandra was taken to the trainer’s room. Paradise was so confident The Brand’s Max Castellanos could defeat Houston Carson’s cousin, Cade Carson, that he put Castellanos’s Pride career on the line. With Chase’s help, Max defeated one of the top trainees of The Lions Den facility in Bryan.

Two weeks out from Full Throttle in Killeen, Lions Pride Sports is in a chaotic churn because of The Brand’s shenanigans. A drastic shift is needed to right the ship. Will that come when the final bell sounds in Bell County on February 2?



JANUARY 4, 2019 - The first edition of Friday Night Fight Night was a huge success thanks to the outstanding athletes and a loud crowd to watch them.

Trainees from The Lions Den, the pro wrestling training facility of Lions Pride Sports, competed in their first matches against and alongside some of the state’s best wrestlers. (Results)

The co-hosted event also featured four power-packed boxing matches put on by the B/CS Boxing Club, which shares its space with The Pride.

Hundreds of enthusiastic fans packed the training facility in Downtown Bryan to see all the action.

This is just the first event in this first-of-its-kind series for the Brazos Valley. Mark your calendar for Friday, February 8 and join us when pro wrestling and boxing come together again for an action-packed Fight Night.