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DECEMBER 23, 2018 - Moonshine Mantell has risen to the top of The Pride.

At Winter Warfare, the powerhouse member of the villainous group known as The Brand defeated the heart, soul and face of Lions Pride Sports, Mike Dell, and became the company’s champion. Of course, Chase Paradise had a number of tricks up his sleeve to assist Mantell. Dell had overcome The Brand’s shenanigans before, but not on this night.

Dell’s second reign as Lions Pride Sports Champion comes to an end after 177 days. What will be next for “One Man” now that he’s title-less?

As for Mantell, he’s due to be part of The Clash at Caldwell 2. With the backing of The Brand and title in hand, what’s in store for Moonshine and the belt shining around his waist? Get your tickets and find out Friday, January 18.



OCTOBER 26, 2018 - The twists and turns were wild in San Antonio as Lions Pride Sports celebrated its first year with the Locked and Loaded event. By October 26th’s end, a dastardly alliance grew alarmingly, a fired former champion triumphantly returned, and the face of The Pride, “One Man” Mike Dell, stood tall once again.

Near the night’s start, The Brand’s creative producer, Chase Paradise, confirmed his monstrous “Super Tex” Brent McKenzie will be out for a while with injury. The previous month, Paradise had added Moonshine Mantell to The Brand’s mix, but in a stunning development, Paradise would announce FOUR new members to his group. Out came Angel Blue as The Brand’s first female member, followed by young upstarts Will Allday and Max Castellanos. And finally, “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt returned months after losing the Lions Pride Sports Championship and his job. The question of why Hoyt had been announced as being back in the promotion appeared to have been answered.

In that moment, a violent swing in The Pride seemed to be in full effect, but instead of chokeslamming Commissioner Aaron Presley, Lance Hoyt took down The Brand’s assemblage. Hoyt had, in fact, reconciled his differences with Lions Pride Sports management and was back to fight against The Brand, not for it as Paradise had thought.

The true new members of The Brand each found themselves in Alamo City action. Following his well-received Brand betrayal, Hoyt defeated a determined Castellanos in an impromptu match, albeit by disqualification following Allday’s interference. Presley then booked Allday against a returning Estrella Galactica, with the luchador winning a competitive cruiserweight encounter. Angel Blue found herself up against San Antonio’s own “Pink Dream” Alex Gracia for the second time in three months. Once again, Gracia picked up a win in a bruising contest. Once again, despite strong showings, a Brand member lost.

The task of avoiding a winless night fell to Moonshine Mantell in a grudge match with Lions Pride Sports Champion Dell. The frustrated and angry Brand were ordered to the back by the referee after early interference. As expected, Dell and Mantell leveled shot after wicked shot onto one another. Late in the match, Mantell pulled the official into a Dell drop kick. Seeing an opportunity, The Brand emerged and took the boots to Dell. However, the locker room emptied led by Hoyt to chase Paradise and company away. Presley even landed a jaw-smashing right hand to the creative producer. Back in the ring, San Antonio’s own Dell brought Mantell to the mat and dropped a Dellbow to pick up yet another main event win, a familiar sight in Lions Pride Sports Year One.

While they did not pick up a victory, it is clear going forward that the redesigned Brand has a renewed focus on causing chaos and taking titles in Lions Pride Sports. As it enters Year Two, can The Pride and its champions survive The Brand’s onslaught?



OCTOBER 26, 2018 - In the first year of Lions Pride Sports, “Johnny Swole” Nate Jolly has grown unlike any competitor the promotion has seen. At Locked and Loaded in San Antonio, exactly 365 days after The Pride’s debut, Jolly earned the 360 Title.

On October 26, six men took part in an over-the-top battle royal for the title, which had been vacated by Hammerstone due to injury. Terrale Tempo started the match-up with Mike Foxx, who was returning after eight months away. New entrants would come in every two minutes. The first was Jolly, who broke into Lions Pride Sports in a team with Foxx. Just as it seemed “Swole Patrol” was reforming, Foxx attacked Jolly.

Yet another former tag partner of Jolly’s, Brysin Scott, entered the match. This time, it was Johnny Swole who prevented a “Swoletacular” reunion, ultimately deciding he is finally ready to be on his own.

The remaining competitors, Big Daddy Yum Yum and Barrett Brown, took to the ring, each battling hard for the vacant title.

It would eventually come down to Brown and Jolly. Just days removed from competing at the NWA’s 70th anniversary, Brown was determined to leave Lions Pride Sports’ first anniversary with a title, but Jolly powered through and threw Brown to the outside, capping a remarkable year-long journey through The Pride with a championship victory.

After the match, “Johnny Swole” delivered a heartfelt speech to The Alamo City audience, thanking Lions Pride Sports for the opportunities to compete, including in matches against legends like Jerry Lawler and Billy Gunn. Jolly vowed to carry and defend the 360 gold with honor in “the era of Swole.”



OCTOBER 4, 2018 - Lions Pride Sports officials promised a special match to determine a new 360 Champion, and they have delivered, albeit with a match very familiar to The Pride.

At the Locked and Loaded event October 26 at Made for Moore Fitness in San Antonio, an over the top battle royal will be held featuring six of the top competitors in the country: Brysin Scott, Terrale Tempo, “Johnny Swole” Nate Jolly, Big Daddy Yum Yum, Mike Foxx and Barrett Brown.

Two will start, and every two minutes, a new wrestler will enter the fray. The last man left after the other five have gone over the top rope and to the floor will be the new 360 Champion.

In March, the same match type determined the first contenders for the Lions Pride Sports Championship. Normally, the 360 Title is contested in falls count anywhere matches, but as the company celebrates its first anniversary, officials wanted to bring back a notable match format for the special event.

The six competitors are no strangers to The Pride. Each has competed in multiple events in this first year. In fact, Brown, Foxx, Jolly, Scott and Yum Yum each were part of the very first show in October 2017. Terrale Tempo was there for the second event. Most have had alliances with other competitors in this upcoming title tilt, so beyond their strength and athleticism, there’s a lot of intrigue about what teamwork we might see with battle royal rules in play.

Due to a leg injury believed to have been suffered at the Kickstart event last month in Killeen, “The Business” Hammerstone had to relinquish the 360 Title. He was the first person to hold that belt in Lions Pride Sports.

Who will become just the second 360 Champion in The Pride? Get your tickets to Locked and Loaded now and find out!


Hammerstone with Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson after “The Business” won the 360 Championship August 17, 2018.

Hammerstone with Lions Pride Sports Owner Houston Carson after “The Business” won the 360 Championship August 17, 2018.

SEPTEMBER 29 2018 - Due to a leg injury, Lions Pride Sports 360 Champion “The Business” Hammerstone has relinquished the title, which will be challenged for at our next event in San Antonio.

The injury is believed to have happened during Hammerstone’s successful first defense of the recently-created championship. Late in the match, challenger Moonshine Mantell countered a charging champion by delivering an overhead suplex into a ladder leaning in one of the ring’s corners. Hammerstone’s leg smashed against the ladder.

“The Business” won the championship August 17 in Bryan in a five-way elimination match.

Lions Pride Sports wishes Hammerstone a speedy, full recovery.

A match at Lions Pride Sports’ next event, “Locked and Loaded,” will determine the new 360 Champion. Details on the competitors have yet to be released.

Who will become the second 360 Champion in The Pride? Find out Friday, October 26 at Made for Moore Fitness in San Antonio!


dell retains despite brand expansion

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 - Mike Dell is still the Lions Pride Sports Champion, but it took an extraordinary effort from “One Man” to overcome an impressive challenger, his interfering manager and newly-acquired firepower in “The Brand.”

September 22 in Killeen, Lions Pride Sports’ Kickstart event was capped off by chaos with Dell defending our top prize against “Super Tex” Brent McKenzie. In the match’s first minute, Dell tweaked his knee, putting the champ behind the eight ball early. Central Texas’s own representing “The Brand” was in top form, keeping Dell down and unleashing powerful offense that was stunning in its swiftness considering it came for a 400-pounder. Plus, Brand Creative Producer Chase Paradise did his underhanded best to distract and attack the champion. Dell powered through the pain and punishment, but just when it seemed like he had a chance to win, Moonshine Mantell entered the ring and attacked the champion.

Earlier in Kickstart, Paradise had claimed he had a new member of his group. Plus, Chase and Super Tex had appeared during the Lions Pride Sports 360 Championship match in which Moonshine was the challenger. The reason for The Brand’s up-close viewing of another match wasn’t clear at the time. It was fully in focus when Mantell took down Dell. Referees had also been hit in the madness, and the match’s original official eventually called the bout off. However, General Manager Aaron Presley declared Kickstart could not end in that way and called for it to be restarted. Dell gathered himself, kicked McKenzie into Paradise, fended off one last attack from Mantell, and hit the Dellbow on his challenger to somehow retain the championship. A post-match beat down by the expanded Brand was met by members of the locker room, who chased Paradise and company away and celebrated with the weary, wounded, victorious Dell.

It was the second of back-to-back Pride classics. Before we knew Mantell had been brought into The Brand’s fold, he challenged “The Business” Hammerstone for the 360 Championship, which is always competed for in falls count anywhere matches. The first ever encounter between the two powerhouses did not disappoint, as each man unleashed hell on the other, both in the ring and around it. Ladders and chairs were introduced. At one point, Mantell was sent through a ladder set up on the apron and a second ladder. Hammerstone was thrown through another ladder in the ring. It was a stunning level of violence, but also a remarkable show of grit and determination. Eventually, a Nightmare Pendulum doomed Mantell, and Hammerstone successfully defended the 360 gold for the first time. Without a doubt, “The Business” showed why international audiences are taking notice, but as we would learn by the night’s end, The Brand now has an extraordinary new weapon in their arsenal.



AUGUST 17, 2018 - Lions Pride Sports has its first 360 Champion.

At the High Voltage event August 17 in Bryan, Alexander Hammerstone thrived and survived a chaotic five-way elimination match in which falls counted anywhere to earn the second title introduced in The Pride.

The powerhouse athlete scored the final fall with a second Nightmare Pendulum to Johnny Swole, who turned in an incredible, career-defining performance that came up just short of being golden.

Jaxon Stone's debut in Lions Pride Sports was defined by extreme cockiness and the athleticism that earned him a place in the Atlanta Braves organization. Barrett Brown and Ricky Starks were in each others' faces from before the bell rang, and in an insane moment, Starks drove Brown from the ring apron through chairs set up at ringside.

But while five men can say they competed in one of the greatest matches in company history, only Hammerstone can state he emerged with the 360 Championship. Who will be the first to challenge the international superstar for the title?


two title matches headline high voltage

The Lions Pride Sports Championship will be on the line Friday, August 17 at the Brazos County Expo Complex! Plus, we’re introducing a new title in The Pride on that night!

At our High Voltage event, Mike Dell will defend his recently-regained Lions Pride Sports Championship against “Ironman” Rob Conway. A former two-time NWA World's Heavyweight Champion and a title holder in WWE, Conway would like nothing more than to make his debut in The Pride a golden one. Will “The 12th Man of Aggieland” be able to withstand the challenge?

In addition, the first Lions Pride Sports 360 Champion will be crowned in a five-way elimination match between Barrett Brown, Alexander Hammerstone, Ricky Starks, Jaxon Stone and Johnny Swole! In this epic contest, there will be no count outs and no disqualifications, and the falls count anywhere in the building. It will be complete chaos as the five contenders go for pinfalls and submissions all over the Expo Complex until one man remains.

Who will be the two men who will call themselves champions in Lions Pride Sports? Get your tickets now and see for yourself August 17 in Bryan!



JUNE 30, 2018 - Mike Dell has regained the Lions Pride Sports Championship, and Lance Hoyt has, once again, been fired!

On Saturday, June 30 in front of a sold-out crowd at Smitty K’s in College Station, Dell defeated Hoyt in an intense, brutal Aggieland Street Fight to win back the title. The match also carried a “loser leaves town” stipulation. When Dell landed his Dellbow and pinned Hoyt, The American Psycho’s loss — his first in Lions Pride Sports — was followed quickly by a pink slip.

The rivalry was ignited May 19 in Navasota. Hoyt, upset that he had not been granted a title shot, assaulted wrestlers and staff in the ring following Dell’s latest defense. He was fired by Commissioner Aaron Presley, and left Navasota with the physical title.

Lawyer and former wrestling executive Bruce Tharpe was hired as a neutral, third-party mediator to negotiate the return of the belt. At the insistence of Dell, Lions Pride Sports agreed to rehire Hoyt so Dell could get his hands on the man who stole his championship belt and paraded it across shows and social media. A title match was arranged for June 2 in Hamilton, where shockingly, Tharpe helped Hoyt defeat Dell, and Hoyt became just the second Lions Pride Sports Champion.

Given the bad blood between the two men, Hoyt and Dell agreed the company could not go forward with both on the roster, leading to the June 30 street fight. Dell actually called out Hoyt and demanded they start the Smitty K’s show with their match, which Hoyt agreed to after jumping Dell from behind. With Tharpe at ringside interjecting himself throughout, the men battled throughout the grounds, using chairs, a ladder and more. The violent clash culminated with Dell’s elbow from the top rope, sending the fans into a frenzy, and sending Hoyt home without a job in The Pride.


hoyt wins the title with help from not-so-neutral tharpe

JUNE 2, 2018 - For the first time in Lions Pride Sports history, the promotion’s championship has changed hands! Lance Hoyt defeated Mike Dell in a chaotic match with an unforeseen twist Saturday, June 2 in Hamilton, Texas.

Hoyt was fired from The Pride May 19 in Navasota after a post-title match assault of wrestlers and employees, including Commissioner Aaron Presley. “The American Psycho” stole the title belt and proceeded to parade it across social media and the state. Tired of being a champ without a strap, Dell asked for Hoyt to be reinstated and challenged the New Japan star to a match in an effort to lure Hoyt back with the belt.

To mediate legal matters, long-time wrestling executive and lawyer Bruce Tharpe was brought in to act as a neutral third party. He negotiated the return of the belt in Hamilton and the contract for the Dell-Hoyt title match. Presley would make himself a special ringside enforcer for the bout.

Late in the match, Presley was chokeslammed by Hoyt after the commissioner stopped the challenger from using a steel chair on Dell. Then, as Dell was close to a pin fall win, Tharpe pulled the referee out of the ring, shocking the crowd and Lions Pride Sports officials. The champion chased Tharpe, but ran into Hoyt, who delivered a Blackout and picked up the pin, the win and the championship. Hoyt celebrated with Tharpe as the event came to an end.

What’s next for the new champ Hoyt and the angry Dell? Why did Tharpe choose a side in a matter in which he was supposed to be a neutral party? We hope to have answers to these questions as we approach our next event Saturday, June 30 at Smitty K’s in College Station. Follow us on our social media for more on this situation. Get your tickets for the next show now!


HOYT FIRED from lions pride sports

MAY 19, 2018 - Lance Hoyt has been fired by Lions Pride Sports due to his assault of Champion Mike Dell, Danny Ramons, special referee Shane Douglas, a second official and Commissioner Aaron Presley following our championship match in Navasota May 19. Despite Hoyt leaving the arena with the title, Mike Dell is still the reigning Lions Pride Sports Champion.

Follow us on social media for further updates on this situation, and check out the results from Navasota on this site.



MARCH 12, 2018 - After what was undoubtedly the biggest event in Lions Pride Sports history at the Rumble in Rockdale on Saturday, one man emerged as the first ever Lions Pride Champion, and that man is “One Man” Mike Dell. 


FEBRUARY 6, 2018 - Lions Pride Sports correspondent Colby Primeaux sat down with Commissioner Aaron Presley to discuss the early successes of Lions Pride Sports and future goals, plus a very frank discussion on some of the most popular - and hated - superstars on the Lions Pride Sports roster.